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Heading: 5 Ways to Handle Staff Resistance to Change.


“Create a Trustful Enviroment”

You need to create an environment where people trust.” This will improve staff engagement and prevent employees from being suspicious about the change. In order to create trust, you also need to address any negative points for employees. “Says Rajiv Burman, Managing Partner, Lighthouse Partner an executive search firm. Selecting widely respected team members to be part of the implementation team also helps, he says.

“Drive Change from the Front”

“A leader should personally lead sponsor these initiatives “says Mr.Burman.

“Be Collaborative”

According to Burman, the leader should work in a collaborative way by involving his team in identification and development of the change initiatives themselves. “This will ensure the best possible support in the implementation of the identified changes.” Says Burman.

“Be Hands –on”

“A leader should openly review and monitor progress of the changes and make adjustments as needed as the process goes on.” Says Burman. “He should ensure proactive and humane engagement.”


 Date:  5th November, 2013

Publication: The Economic Times

Heading:  Contingency Search Firms Reap Rewards as Cos Cut Costs

Lighthouse Partners is growing at 35 % -40 %, with nearly 75% of its revenue coming from 20 new clients it has added in the past six to eight months.

“The turnaround time we may need in creating a solid pipeline of identified talent is met faster with contingent firms in contrast to a retainership model.” says Sandeep Gandhi, CHRO Aircel. Adds Rajiv Burman, managing partner, Lighthouse Partners, “The tide is turning and like in the West, MNC search firms in India are beginning to face the pressure of slower assignments and revenue declines.”

Date: 4th November, 2013

Publication: The Economic Times

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